Crowd Fund



Crowd Fund


Thanks To all of you we were able to produce an absolutely amazing Scat classic film featuring Stephanie Imani and Helga!!! That movie was fire. We are opening the crowd fund now in order to prepare for the next film in the coming week. This next scene will feature a scat domination scene by the one and only beautiful big booty Alexis Andrews XXX!!! Pre order asap! This movie is being shot next weekend!!! Dont Miss It!!!

Hey guys Mr Cheeks here. This may be it for Scathunter. As some of you know we have been dealing with our content being pirated so badly that it nearly has me closing the doors. This is a last ditch effort to avoid this and so we have decided to try to switch the business model up just a bit in order to continue producing content. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! Keep in mind that we are not just individual content creators who have little to no overhead at all and can just continue to pump out content for free…but yet an actual studio with lots and lots of overhead. At this point its not even about profiting but continuing to create bomb ass scat content. We all know how super rare new female scat porn is so I am hoping this will allow us to continue our body of work. If we cannot gather up enough support for this new model of business unfortunately we will have to close down shop. So what I need is for you guys to go ahead and purchase the movie prior to it being made at a discount. Its sort of like a crowd funding. If I can get even half of what it takes to produce a film I will match it and go ahead and fire it up. This way I am able to recoup enough up front needed for the films to make it all worth it without having to worry about being pirated. Whats been happening is as soon as I make a new movie, pirates purchase it and post it either for 100% free on there site in order to monetize there traffic or they sell the movie I just made for $2-8$. I cannot lower my price to compete with them bc there just isnt enough scat fans out there in volume to do it…or else I would. Im not charging a lot to be greedy but its just what it takes to make this thing go round. So if you all would like to see Scathunter live on im going to need your help! By doing it this way I can continue to produce content and you dont have to buy into films you dont want to see either. For instance this next film is going to feature Alexis Andrews, a girl to be dominated and possibly Helga as well. So if you guys have seen them perform before Its defintely going to be something you want to get in on.  So whats the value to you? Well your going to donate $20 now to help crowdfund the next film. I want to have the window open for no more then 1-2 weeks. Once Its complete you are going to receive the film right away before anyone…. and before it even goes up for sale! These types of films with multiple girls and scat swallows also need to sell for 30-38$ each. You will be getting it for only $20. I hate to have to switch it up and do it this way but at this point there is no other way for us to continue unless pirates start obeying and listening to DMCA and take down the content but they havent in years and more of them keep popping up. So many in fact its run us out of business. So probably not gonna happen. So I hope we are able to continue the mission here but if not I want you all to know you helped create some of the most amazing scat porn human eyes have seen!!! Its all real and always has been. This hasnt been a cheap operation either lol You have made it possible to create the body of work that has been produced up until this point and for that the scat game will be forever thankful and grateful. much love to you all. Signing off hopefully not for good-
Mr Cheeks


******oooooooo!!! and forgot to mention. As collateral for your help if we don’t end up going through with it and not meeting what we need…you will recieve our dropbox with every movie ever made by Scathunter including movies never released! and even some bonus content never released anywhereeeeee. So it’s really a major win win! You also will receive a bonus surprise movie as well upon purchase it’s my favorite one!
if you’ve already seen it I don’t mind getting you a replacement out either 🙂 thanks for the support guys we can do this together

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