LEBRON JAMES AND JASON TATUM GO HEAD TO HEAD! LAKERS in 7!!! LEBRON GETS ANOTHER RING 2023 NBA Finals: Potential Celtics-Lakers matchup odds Updated May. 17, 2023 3:26 p.m. ETSHAREFACEBOOKTWITTERREDDITLINK The NBA is down to the final four, and while there are still a lot of games left, there could be another legendary battle on the horizon between the league’s two most historic franchises in the league.  Yep, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are both teams in the running for their 18th title, which would be the most in NBA history. The Celtics are an overwhelming favorite to defeat the eighth-seeded Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals. Boston currently sits at -556 at FOX Bet, which is an implied 84.8% chance of winning the series. Conversely, the Lakers are the underdogs in the Western Conference finals against the Denver Nuggets. Los Angeles is +230 as of Wednesday to eliminate top-seeded Denver.  With the Celtics being big favorites to win the East and the Lakers four wins from taking the West, an NBA Finals battle for which team will have the most titles in NBA history is a very distinct possibility. If that classic matchup happens, what would the series odds be? Odds on the Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals matchup happening currently sit at +260 at FOX Bet — the second-best odds of the four remaining possible matchups. Heading into the week, BetMGM’s hypothetical odds of a Lakers-Celtics showdown was in the -175 to -185 range, per FOX Sports’ Patrick Everson.ADVERTISEMENT How do Nikola Jokić, Nuggets match up with Lakers? Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd on The Herd to discuss the Western Conference finals. The Celtics facing the Nuggets is the current favorite to be the final showdown (-182 at FOX Bet), with Denver sitting at -303 to win the Western Conference after Tuesday’s Game 1 victory over Los Angeles.  Just how iconic would another battle of NBA titans be for bettors? “It would be an entertaining series, one where Anthony Davis will be the key component for the Lakers, just as he currently is against the Nuggets,” FOX Bet trader Tieme Wesselink said of a Lakers-Celtics NBA Final. “Lots will be asked from Robert Williams, Al Horford and the team defense of the Celtics.  “On the other end of the spectrum, it will be hard to imagine Los Angeles being able to stop the dynamic duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Boston is a rightful favorite for this possible matchup; the Celtics are destined this year to break the deadlock of a record 17 NBA titles shared with the Lakers.” Even just a couple of weeks ago, a Celtics-Lakers Finals matchup was a long shot. Following their loss in the NBA Finals last year, the Celtics have been the betting favorite to win the NBA title for much of this season, winning 57 games for the league’s second-best record during the regular season. On the flip side, the Lakers had an uphill battle just to make the postseason. They began the year with a 2-10 record and were in 13th place in the Western Conference prior to trading Russell Westbrook and reacquiring point guard D’Angelo Russell at the trade deadline in February.  With betting favorite Milwaukee eliminated, the Celtics are the favorites to win the NBA title on FOX Bet. Boston’s title odds sit at -120, while Los Angeles comes in at +550. If you are looking for other ways to get in on the potential legendary matchup, you can also bet on the exact NBA Finals outcome on FOX Bet. The Celtics defeating the Lakers has the third-best odds among all possible outcomes at +500. The Lakers defeating the Celtics has the fifth-best odds of happening out of the eight remaining outcomes at +850. When it comes to success, though, history is on Boston’s side. Overall, the Celtics have defeated their rivals in nine of the 12 NBA Finals matchups between the teams, but the Lakers have had more success recently.  They’ve won three of the last four, including in 2010 when Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol lifted the Lakers over the Celtics in seven games. Of course, the Celtics and Lakers still have to take care of business for the two teams to meet in the NBA Finals for a record 13th time. Can they get there to set up a historic showdown? Jimmy Butler or Jayson Tatum: Who do you trust more? Emmanuel Acho, Joy Taylor, Ric Bucher, and Cuttino Mobley debate who they trust more: Jimmy Butler or Jayson Tatum. Here are the odds for each conference finals series and hypothetical odds on possible NBA Finals matchups and outcomes per FOX Bet. Eastern Conference finals Outright winner Boston Celtics: -556 (bet $10 to win $11.82 total)Miami Heat: +375 (bet $10 to win $47.50 total) Series handicap Boston Celtics: -2.5 (Celtics win series by three games or more) +110 (bet $10 to win $21 total)Miami Heat: +2.5 (Heat lose series by two games or fewer or win outright) -133 (bet $10 to win $17.50 total) Western Conference finals Outright winner Denver Nuggets: -303 (bet $10 to win $13.30 total)Los Angeles Lakers: +230 (bet $10 to win $33) Series handicap Denver Nuggets: -1.5 (Denver wins series by two games or more) +100 (bet $10 to win $20 total)Los Angeles Lakers: +1.5 (Los Angeles loses series by one game or fewer or wins outright) -118 (bet $10 to win $18.47 total) NBA Finals matchups Boston Celtics vs. Denver Nuggets: -182 (bet $10 to win $15.49 total)Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers: +260 (bet $10 to win $36 total)Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat: +550 (bet $10 to win $65 total)Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat: +1500 (bet $10 to win $160 total) Exact NBA Finals outcomes  Boston Celtics to defeat Denver Nuggets: +165 (bet $10 to win $26.50 total)Denver Nuggets to defeat Boston Celtics: +250 (bet $10 to win $35 total)Boston Celtics to defeat Los Angeles Lakers: +500 (bet $10 to win $60 total)Denver Nuggets to defeat Miami Heat: +750 (bet $10 to win $85 total)Los Angeles Lakers to defeat Boston Celtics: +850 (bet $10 to win $95 total)Miami Heat to defeat Denver Nuggets: +2200 (bet $10 to win $230 total)Los Angeles Lakers to defeat Miami Heat: +2500 (bet $10 bet wins $260 total)Miami Heat to defeat Los Angeles Lakers: +3300 (bet $10 to win $340 total) GO HEAD TO HEAD! LAKERS in 7!!! LEBRON GETS ANOTHER RING 2023 NBA Finals: Potential Celtics-Lakers matchup odds Updated May. 17, 2023 3:26 p.m. ETSHAREFACEBOOKTWITTERREDDITLINK The NBA is down to the final four, and while there are still a lot of games left, there could […]

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