Day: April 29, 2019

Scat Eating

Porn Star Alexis Andrews Stars In A Scathunter Exclusive Movie!!!

Don’t miss this shockbuster scat movie starring Alexis Andrews!!! One of the hottest big booty white girls in the porn game stars in “Alexis Gotta Ass The Size Of A Lexus” (Broken Toilet Fantasy) This was an absolutely amazing classic scat film that will be forever sought after and respected! You will not want to miss this Scathunter production starring Mr Cheeks and Alexis Andrews XXX Get ready to cum hard AF. Have you ever dreamed of doing the dirtiest shit ever with your favorite porn star? Now you can get up close and personal and experience her big fat ass shitting into your mouth POV!!! Happy Stroking

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Scat eaing full booty

Mr Cheeks Is The Scathunter (The New Scat Porn Alternative)

Mr Cheeks Is The Scathunter (The New Scat Alternative) Welcome to The internets premier source for will find available due to its unique nature which is the erotic factor. Most scat available today revolves around the specific idea of domination and toilet slavery. However not every man wants to watch a woman kick another mans ass, degrade him and not allow him to touch her and her certainly not touch him as well.  Not Scathunter and not my big booty scat bitches! Here you will find all new never before seen footage of the hottest everyday girls with big bubbly butts spreading there massive ass cheeks open and shitting into eager mouths! Scathunter is totally different then any scat site you get me wrong here, domination absolutely has its place and is a real scat fixture. However sometimes It is not enough. Sometimes we want to explore scat with a woman who actually will not only let us touch them…But also will touch us and pleasure us!!! There is something so magical and special regarding an encounter with a hot girl with a big butt who is willing to kiss you, suck your cock, get her pussy ate and her asshole sucked on and even fucked before she pisses down our throats and shits in our mouths! There is truly something very special about it, and I think you will agree with me after watching and jerking off to a scathuner video encounter. They are all so totally real because they are typically normal everyday girls who I hunt down and try to convince to do these dirty taboo acts with! Some of them want to wear a full facial mask others want less of a mask and some no mask at all. Most of these girls are real everyday girls with careers and even families in some cases. But they have a nasty freaky side that I help them explore…You would be absolutely surprised at how many women end up totally loving scat after I am done with them. They report back to me that they have never been so excited in there life!!! This is the total truth as well…When done correctly this is the penultimate erotic act known to man. Scathunter brings you this excitement up close and personal through a POV experience that puts you directly into the drivers seat as if it were you exploring the session! The main reason why I cover up is so that I am not a distraction to the viewer and there is no face to side track you from whats happening and being covered up and being fully hidden it allows the element of putting yourself in my mask and being the scathunter yourself!!!! I have received rave reviews on my content and I absolutely appreciate and love all of my supporters! There is always room for improvement and I strive with every encounter to not only make it as real as possible but also find the hottest girls with the big asses as well. Keep in mind every single movie and production is almost like a little miracle itself!!! Not only do I have to find a pretty girl willing to even entertain this but then also match them with a big butt too…Then on top of that I have to get them to agree to do it. Then agree to do it on film. Then we need to set a date and have two people who usually dont live anywhere close to each other meet at the same exact time the person has to shit! Its not easy…at all. I am sure you can imagine all that goes into producing these short movies…But believe me when I tell you they are worth it and you will surely be able to bust a HUGE nut watching my material that is for sure and I can promise you if you are into scat at all then you have found a new scat porn home where all of your freakiest scat desires will come to life!!!

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