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New Release!!!

Digital DVD Release “Bottom Feeders”


Big Butt Pooping

This title features the latest 4 amazing movies from the studio including the following…

  • “Clash Of The Scat Titans” (Lesbian Lust)

  • “Scat Therapy” (I heard Odell Beckham Jr’s Into It) Starring Alexis Andrews XXX

  • “Improper Propositions” (Money Motivates Mia)

  • “Modern Whorefare Pt. #2” (Advanced Scat Training)

These blockbuster scat movies are all available and ready to download immediately upon purchase. The links are delivered directly to your email with over 78 minutes of dirty, smelly, never before seen scat action! 

Scathunter Presents “Girls Gone Vile”


Scathunter Presents its newest and greatest title “Girls Gone Vile”!!! During these turbulent and very uncertain times you can be assured that Scathunter delivers unprecedented extreme never before seen new scat action, directly to your phone, laptop or desktop! This amazing mega movie deal features 6 full length film titles! Including the studio’s most recent and absolute best titles all in one incredible value! Don’t miss these beautiful big butted girls slurping the scat out of each others asses, and begging for mouthfuls of shit from some of the finest girls you will ever see do it! The feature includes  “Poop Doggy Dog” (Bitches Ain’t Shit), “Doja Scat” (If You Can See It From The Front, Wait Till You See It From The Back), “Poo Hefner’s Big Booty Toilet Sluts” (Imani And Angela), and “Career Vs Diarrhea” (Featuring Sabrina, Diarrhea Movie Bundle), “Gush Hour” (Riley’s Liquid Fast Food Diet), and “Devilish Diarrhea” (Yazmin’s Explosion). A super super value at a low low price! Get them all delivered immediately right now to your inbox ready to download and watch!!!

Runtime 86 Minutes

Scathunter Presents “The Quarantined Edition”


scat movies

Our latest compilation of movies during this quarantine is now here!!! The digital DVD also features an exclusive bonus scene, which is not available for separate purchase. This release includes the following movies…”Bossy Bitch” (Scat Domina-Tricks), Alice The Anal Heiress (Valentine Vixen), Lookin Like Kylie Jenner (Quarantine Got Her Ass Fat), and 1-800-EAT-SHIT (The 20 Year Old Scat Virgin). Also a bonus movie scene never before released! This movie has a retail value of over $140!!! Now all yours for only $64.99 with over $75 in savings. These films will keep you cumming hard over and over again! Hot girls, big butts, and new scat content. What more do you really need?

Each title will be delivered to you digitally immediately upon purchase. ***Currently this title is only available digitally

The following titles featured on Scathunter Presents “The Quarantined Edition”

1. Bossy Bitch” (Scat Domina-Tricks)

2. Alice The Anal Heiress (Valentine Vixen)

3. Lookin Like Kylie Jenner (Quarantine Got Her Ass Fat)

4. 1-800-EAT-SHIT (The 20 Year Old Scat Virgin).



“Mr Cheeks’ Shit Show”


scat porn lesbian scat

hot scat girls

This all new collection entitled “Mr Cheeks Shit Show” features some of the best movies the studio has ever produced! Including “Modern Whorefare *(Basic Scat Training), Room 3 Dirty 1 (Pleasurvations At The Shitz Carlton Hotel), Big Booty Thanksgiving Feast (Pocahotass Eats), and Kylie The South Hole Elf (A Merry Dairy XXXmas)!!! A $11500 value for only $64.99!!! Each title will be delivered to you digitally immediately upon purchase. ***Currently this title is only available digitally

  Here is a list of the titles included in the movie…

“Modern Whorefare” (Basic Scat Training)

“Big Booty Thanksgiving Feast” (Pocahotass Eats)

“Room 3 Dirty 1” (Pleasurvation At The Shitz-Carlton Hotel)

“Kylie The South Hole Elf” (A Merry Diary XXXmas)

New Release!!!

“Mr Cheeks Big Booty Buffet!!!”


Introducing “Mr Cheeks Big Booty Buffet” Blu Ray DVD specially made for scat lovers! This movie contains 82 minutes of amazing scat content! Featuring Raquel, Brooke, Alexis Andrews, and Angela. Here is a list of the titles included in the movie…

“Scat Its Whats For Dinner (Brooke Gets Crazy)”

Lookin Like Mariah Carey (Big Booty Panty Poop Mess)

“The Alexis Show (50″ Inches Of Monster Ass)”

“Angela’s Filthy Mouth (Magic Booty Treat Mix)”

Excellent Value at an even better price! All DVD’s are shipped extremely discreet from Matrix Media and wrapped in a second visually protective sleeve within the mail envelope. (Digital copies of this movie are available please contact info@scathunter.com)

(Please note: If you do not have a blu ray player, a ps4, or blu ray player software installed on your laptop or desktop please do not purchase the tangible dvd but rather ask for a digital copy. This movie will not play in a normal dvd player)


Scathunter “Greatest (S)Hits” Blu-Ray 4k Movie


Scathunter DVD

It’s finally here! The first ever Scathunter Movie…I have had a ton of requests to get this movie out into rotation for various reasons…Some people just can’t download the content, or they don’t have the room or they simply want to watch it wherever they like, whenever they like, on the spot! This movie contains 6 of Scathunter’s user voted best videos, including over 9 minutes of never before seen footage, behind the scenes footage, as well as bloopers! This is an amazing movie collection in 4k Ultra High Definition (UHD), delivered on a Blu-Ray disc. This bad boy is delivered totally discreet, with no mention of Scathunter or Mr. Cheeks anywhere, simply Matrix Media, with a return address of a non published PO Box! It is securely delivered in a well sealed package and the DVD itself is also wrapped in a cloak. We get it, not everyone understands the most incredible, pleasurable fetish in the world!!! The video has over a $175.00 value, but is listed as $99. Every video is limited to /100 and marked individually as well.  Each video contains a unique special promo code for 40% off your next cart as well!!!

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