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Ok so you want to take your relationship with Scathunter to the next level? We’re gonna be dropping new content consistently all month long between shoots, posting behind the scenes content never before viewed, from old and upcoming shoots, dropping exclusive Scathunter shoot info, posting existing movies (which we plan on moving every Scathunter movie into this group over time, we already have a bunch of them in) and teaming up with Helga to bring more sexy ass scat content regularly, from dirty anal, to mouth shitting and everything in between! We’ve already got it LOADED with content and will be adding to it regularly. Helga will also be reading hate mail and fan mail, shooting her exclusive videos and much more. Join the scat family asap…If you don’t have telegram go download the app. It’s simple and discreet. Upon purchase you will receive the link to join the group in an email the same way you receive the films! This is gold, trust me it’s going to be well worth it and much easier to follow along with what we’re doing and gaining access to new content! We will be posting a lot regularly!!!



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