Crowd Fund



Crowd Fund


h1>When you participate in the crowd fund you will receive the new movie as soon as it is produced. You will also receive these two free movies (trailers below)now delivered to your email address ready for viewing!!! You also get a hand in making sure the content you love continues


These are the last two crowd fund movies that were produced with your help!!!


Hey all just an update on the Crowd Fund. The first two were very successful and we ended up producing an absolutely banger and hot film, “Animal Instinks”…So pat yourselves on the back for that one! We’re not always going to get 5 star films on every shoot but that’s why we keep on. This funding round is moving at a grueling pace though and I just wanted to remind everyone that for every movie moving forward it’s going to be the same situation where we need to recoup about 25% of the cost up front in order to make sure I’m not losing money on these films or doing them for free lol. Im not a solo act where I can absorb piracy easily by just creating new content. The content I produce cost lots of money Some of them cost as much as 10k. So it’s very important we collect these crowd funds. We have had in the past crowd funds a couple of strong donors as well which we dont have this crowd fund. I hate to be a nuisance and bother y’all but this is just reality. We either gonna get it done or not. If we don’t succeed, same deal as explained. Every person who contributed, will get the entire Scathunter library. If we make it happen? Well then you get the movie almost half off plus a free movie just for the contribution. I still have faith in this and all of you to make this happen! Let’s produce something epic together 💪🏼🤘🏼😈💩🎥🎞️

FYI we are at about 11%…we need to recoup 25%. Also if you want to donate more you can change the units of crowd fund in the cart or buying movies already produced gets it done and helps the cause as well!! We also accept all types of Crypto Currencies.





The New Movie starring Alexis Andrews is now out! if you have still not received it please contact Evelyn!

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