Poo Hefner’s Big Booty Toilet Sluts Pt 2


Poo Hefner’s Big Booty Toilet Sluts Pt. 2 (Scat Bunnies)


Hello and welcome back to the Internets best big booty scat porn site! I know you all have been waiting patiently and I promise it is worth it! 🙂 Soooo without further ado hehe Holy wow! This movie has non stop scat action from the opening scene throughout its entirety! Normally there is some kind of a theme and we work slowly into the action but not this film! I was told this was pure scat chaos and a thing of beauty lol and scat chaos is spot on haha It features Raquel and Valentina, and together they produce literally buckets and buckets of scat…There is non stop action! Raquel fills Valentina’s mouth several times giving her more then she bargained for. As they slurp it all up together you can tell Raquel is having a hard time stomaching the scat she normally is able to swallow with ease. She does end up getting a few pieces down but it prompts some serious gagging and even vomiting, which Valentina generously offers her mouth up to catch what she can. There was something so sexy and artful as I watched, I was extremely turned on and I was also reminded of two pigs playing in a pen together rolling around in shit hehe! Lesbians eating shit is just hot. They seem so free and careless I absolutely love it! I don’t know how they do it but just wow, I am utterly impressed and even a little envious perhaps? lol My favorite part of this film was when It was Valentina’s turn to return the favor 😉 Boy does she serve up a big whopper of a load hehe which fills Raquel’s mouth to capacity! Mr Cheeks facilitates some action by commanding them to suck it from both sides and kiss with it in there mouths. Valentina also jams the entire load into her mouth and then spits it slowly out giving the appearance of her mouth actually shitting the log out! I really do not know why, but that part turned me on a lot!  Like enough for me to feel a wet sport in my panties and for me to start playing with my nipples under my shirt… Whichhhhhhh then led to me reaching into my nightstand and grabbing my little trusty buzzer hehe There is a scene at the end where they give head and he cums all over her face and mouth… He then grabs a piece of her scat and rubs it all over the cum on her face soaking it up and then squeezes a big ball of shit covered in cum, into her mouth. Now I have to admit. The thought of a cum soaked piece of poop was just soooooo gross, it just should not have turned me on. But it did! Im crying lol I had a wonderfully intense orgasm and I can almost guarantee that you will also 😉

Runtime 12m19s

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