Alice The Anal Heiress (Valentine Vixen)


Alice The Anal Heiress (Valentine Vixen)


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Hey guys! I want to first and foremost wish all of you a very happy Valentines! <3 I hope all of you get exactly what you want very soon 😉 If you can’t get your hands on some big booty and scat this video is def the next best thing! So this is Alice. She is a beautiful girl standing at 5’0 weighing 124 pounds with a wide waste and big hips, for a petite frame, and a lot of booty as well! She has dark seductive green eyes and a freaky side that apparently few know about! She sought out Mr Cheeks to have the experience of a lifetime! In this film she is dressed in a one piece hot pink mini skirt and she came to get right down to business! She wastes no time as her turds were nearly popping out of her asshole early in the film! He commands her to close her asshole and actually pushes them back inside with his tongue! Hehe! I thought that was sooooo cute <3 She sucks him with great enthusiasm and is extremely excited to go in his mouth. From what I understand she actually contacted him to fulfill this fantasy of hers and fill his mouth up with her shit…which she does not disappoint! He eagerly takes it all in and begins to chew it up, as he slips his hard cock into her dirty open gaping asshole…As he gives her anal she keeps asking him if he is still eating it and swallowing it! She wanted to make sure he ate it all up as he pounded her tight filthy booty hole. He takes turns pulling it out and heading back down to eat her asshole up and receive additional small loads of turds which he gladly gobbles up…and then finishes her off with a hard pounding and orgasms and sends his thick load all over her shitty asshole and up her back. It was extremely hot watching them enjoy such sexual bliss together. Watching her fulfill this fantasy of hers was honestly turning me on soooo much! I had to actually get out my “buzzer” and cum on my bed holding my laptop! hehe This one is high level filth for sure lol however with that erotic touch Mr Cheeks gives all of his films! Making them the special little dirty masterpieces they are! Oooo this one also has NO music, the first ever lol. Enjoy 😉


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