Call Of Doody (Brown Ops)


Call Of Doody (Brown Ops)


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So when I was given this movie to watch and write about, I was provided with some context and a bit of a story regarding what actually happened this day so I will pass it on to you as well to keep it fair 🙂 So here is the background on this movie. Apparently Mr Cheeks was meeting with a girl to do a short clip early in the afternoon. He met with her, it went great and he was on his way home. However he got a phone call from another girl who totally on the fly asked him where he was, because she had a big load for him and it was ready to go. He was about a half hour away so he decided to make this movie into a double feature. The second girl though had no idea that he had already just finished up a shoot that same day, because he did not want to tell her and spoil the hotness that was developing! So he went ahead anyway and actually received two loads of scat from two different girls that day. He also told me this has happened before to him but its the first time hes actually filmed both lol Lucky dude 😉 So with that in mind the movie opens with him pulling the pants off of a blonde girl with a bubble butt. She asks him to remove her tampon first which he does and inserts into his mouth and sucks the juice off of it. She then begins to give him a few mouthfuls of diarrhea mixed with some solid chunks of scat, which he swallows down. She also pees into his mouth as well. She then sucks his nipples and his cock briefly before a quick vaginal fucking from behind ensues. He pulls his dick out and squirts a very large and robust stream of semen all over her butt which she seemed to enjoy thoroughly by the noises she was making. The next scene is of him actually driving and receiving a phone call where he is told there is another large load awaiting him if he wants it. The next scene has him appear on her doorstep in front of a very fitting welcome mat, which read “Beware Of The Shit Show” hehe. He then enters to meet a big butted girl in heels, thigh highs, and a skirt. He wastes no time and puts his face into her ass and begins to suck on her butt hole. The next thing you know his mouth is being filled to absolute capacity with a super gigantic load of scat. It actually looked like she took three different shits into his mouth at once lol. He somehow crammed it all into his mouth and began working on chowing it down. She then sucked his nipples while he finished his second meal and then came all over her butt, again! So that was two girls, two loads of scat, and two nuts busted all in the same day. He is definitely living the scat dream if there ever was such a thing!



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