Career Vs Diarrhea (Featuring Sabrina) (Diarrhea Movie Bundle)


Career Vs Diarrhea (Featuring Sabrina) (Diarrhea Movie Bundle)


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This is a value bundle deal, containing the new movie “Career Vs Diarrhea (Featuring Sabrina) (BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE) ‘ and TWO other archived diareah titles as well, featuring “Devilish Diarrhea ” and  “Gush Hour” !!! 3 Movies for the price of one! A lot of our newer members have never seen these amazing older but excellent titles so now is the chance to get a few of them on the house in this Diarrhea bundle 😉 This new movie features Sabrina, being interviewed for a position which shes willing to do anything to get. She decides there is no limit to landing the new position even if it means becoming a toilet to her human resources manager!!! Watch as she is degraded and dominated with mouthfuls of smelly shit! Will Diarrhea prevail over the Career she wants? Watch and find out. This movie is 9 minutes in length! All three titles will be delivered in a bundle immediately and automatically upon purchase! Enjoy 🙂

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