Gush Hour (Riley’s Liquid Fast Food Diet)


Gush Hour (Riley’s Fast Food)


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So I met up with Riley at a burger joint for a quick meal to put the finishing touches on what she was already baking in her bowels for me. She was pretty excited to have the chance to push a load out into my mouth, as I equally could not wait to taste her shit. One of the things I have learned over the years in this fetish is that scat beggars can’t be scat choosers! If your wondering what that means let me explain! I am sure all of us have a preference of how we like it and would love if we could get it that way every single time! But the reality is every load and every person is different and you just never know what your going to get when you get down low to receive a meal. I have learned to appreciate every type of scat in it’s own way and totally get extreme satisfaction from it all when the bitches are hot and the asses are fat! With that being said I was totally surprised when she began pushing and it started dripping out! I was so ready to have a liquid lunch! Her shit tasted incredible and slid down my throat with such ease and pleasure. My dick throbbed with every swallow.  She sucked my balls and cock like a pro, and I truly loved every minute with her, she was a real sweetheart with a juicy fat ass and a face full of sex appeal! I was so into the moment that I began cumming without even really knowing it lol I came soooooo hard all over her pretty little face, and shot a big thick load right into her eye. What an adventure. I will gladly eat her shit any day, any time and in any way! I am sure you will agree with me 110%! Cheers!

Runtime: 18m42s

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