Hitchhiking With A Shit Viking (Public Bathroom)


Hitchhiking With A Shit Viking (Public Bathroom)


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So in this film I spot a hitchhiker who had her car break down on her…I see this pretty girl walking so I ask her if she needs a ride, why not right? Turns out she needed a ride because she was late to work, and she also had to use the bathroom pretty bad. So she hopped into my truck with me and I started driving her to work, when all of a sudden she farted and it smelled pretty fucking good! She was totally embarrassed and tried to roll the window down, but I rolled it back up and told her how amazing it smelled. It kind of turned her on and set the rest of the film in motion. She was having a hard time holding it so I ended up having to pull over and bring her to a public bathroom. This was not in the original plan. I was worried truly that at any moment someone would walk in and catch us!!! There was no way to lock the door at all. I can probably get away with explaining why I am in the bathroom fucking a woman, but certainly cannot explain why she is shitting in my mouth and I have a huge mouthful of her poop! It was definitely a thrill and also my first production totally outside the confines of a hotel setting. I started out my public feast with a nice warm drink of her tasty golden piss that went down smoothly and made my dick jump. I decided This time I decided to try to and seal my lips to her asshole a few times as she shit and suck out her poop as she pushed it out…I love doing that. Feeling the shit all over my tongue inside of her asshole as its being forced into my mouth! There is nothing like it! Also as I was sucking hard on her shitty, dirty asshole, she was also filling my mouth with farts too in between gobs of shit! What a double bonus!!! I was literally grunting like a fucking pig! This film also has a quick scene where as I am eating her load I rub it all over my lips with my tongue and ask her to lick my mouth! It was totally on a whim and I thought she would say no for sure…But she totally surprised me and came up and licked my lips and tasted her own shit! After that I was sooooo turned on, and my dick was throbbing in her mouth as I swallowed every drop of her delicious warm scat. I came hard as fuck and dropped a big load all over her big ass titties!!! She told me afterward that she liked the taste of her poop and that she had never tasted it before, and it was surprisingly not bad! She said it tasted bitter and earthy lol but not bad! She also said it made her pussy dripping wet! What a great description and what an incredible step in the right direction, I think she is going to turn out to be a true scat girl, I really do!!! This was an amazing, daring shoot and one for the books once again. Cheers!!!

Runtime 19m23s

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