Hypnotized By Hips And Thighs (Aliyah’s 58′ Inch Massive Booty)


Hypnotized By Hips And Thighs (Aliyah’s 58″ Inch Massive Booty)


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I absolutely loved this movie for soooo many reasons! It starts out with Mr Cheeks inviting Aliyah over to his hotel room so he could take pictures of her for a fetish photo shoot. He then has her watch some kind of magic screen on his phone that ends up hypnotizing her and becoming his sex slave. He then takes full advantage over her reduced state of mind and has her clean his toilet with her tongue! I have to say watching that was actually very very hot! It was so dirty and filthy and I especially loved how he also joined in the licking and cleaning and met her right over the toilet lid together for a hot steamy kiss, whoa talk about instant wetness LOL He then has her give him head which she really actually seemed into. I could tell there was a good amount of chemistry between these two from the start of the movie. Somewhere around this point she begins to fall out of the spell, and begins to wonder what is going on. He then quickly serenades her with his magic hypnotic movie once again and she falls right back under his spell. He then snaps his fingers again and has her open her luscious pink lips wide, and pisses into her mouth! To me this was another one of the highlights of this film, I loved watching her take in the piss and see it spill all over her mouth and face. Again another super dirty scene done right and highly erotic. She then takes his cock, still pissing, into her mouth and begins again giving him some serious head. He then shouts a command that when he snaps his fingers again this time she is going to “spread her big ass open and empty her bowels into his mouth”.  And boy did she ever. This was another incredible large load of poop forced into his mouth and all over his face. There is one scene shortly there after where Mr Cheeks actually swallows a large mouthful of her steamy love load, which I cringed at LOL (I have to be honest here, I am still not at the point where I could even image swallowing it, but I do like the idea of pooping into someones mouth 🙂 This is definitely a very intriguing proposition.) She then continues to suck his cock and nipples as he shoots his thick cum all over her face and into her mouth. He then tells her when he snaps his fingers it will be like nothing ever happened. What a hot hot movie. I totally loved it! My favorite so far!



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