Improper Propositions (Money Motivates Mia)


Improper Propositions (Money Motivates Mia)


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Soooooo I just finished watching this movie and I absolutely love the plot! The scene opens with two girls, Mia and her Friend Kat at a porta-potty standing outside and waiting as they grow impatient banging on the door needing to relieve themselves. That’s when Mr Cheeks spots them and decides to intervene and make them an offer they can’t refuse! The girls inform him they have been waiting for a long time and so he offers them each $100 dollars just to come back to his hotel and use his bathroom no strings attached! The girls agree and upon entering his hotel room he offers one last proposition either girl can’t refuse, another $100 dollars each to shit in his mouth! Both girls hesitate but accept his offer and that’s when things really get hot and heavy! (I personally find Mia incredibly attractive and her body just absolutely perfect, I know he likes reallllllly big butts but Mia is just to die for! I have humbly requested more of her and girls like her 🙂 Don’t be mad at me hehe! ) Anyway as Mia fills his mouth up you can tell she completely enjoys the experience as she forces her load of scat into his mouth and yells “this is so hot!”, that right there really turned me on and had me a bit excited. I really enjoyed seeing two new girls and according to him, both of these girls have never done any kind of fetish related acts in there life! And you could tell by the looks on Kats face as she holds open Mia’s ass cheeks and watches her shit into his mouth! He also used two camera angles to capture the event this time which I thought brought a great secondary perspective to the scene. Kat did her best to go however was only able to push out a small amount of shit due to being extremely nervous. After sucking all he could get out of her chubby ass cheeks he used her shit to write across her ass! It was supposed to say “Mr Cheeks” but to me it looked more like ancient hieroglyphics written in poop hehe The scene finishes off with Mia and Kat sucking his cock and both of them taking his load of cum eagerly in there mouths. I gotta say I absolutely loved this movie! I haven’t reviewed a movie like this from him in a long time where the girls don’t have a true lesbian scene, or put it in there mouths, but this was a great film and it did not disappoint! Scat Excellence!


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