Lookin Like Kylie Jenner (Quarantine Got Her Ass Fat)


Lookin Like Kylie Jenner (Quarantine Got Her Ass Fat)


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Hello scat friends, it has been suchhhhh a long time since we have released anything new! I am sure you all know why though! It seems the art of social distancing just does not work well when you have a hungry mouth that needs to meet a set of large open butt cheeks! With that being said we hope that you are all being safe and doing well 🙂

      This movie stars the extremely fine Kylie who actually reallllly looks like Kylie Jenner in real life! (I know because I am obsessed with her) She is stuck in the house quarantining like the rest of us, stuffing her face all day long. She has summoned Mr Cheeks to deliver her a big order of fast food from the Bell! When he arrives, she opens the door and is wearing a super hot yoga outfit with her giant butt cheeks exposed looking absolutely gorgeous! I actually envy her slightly because her figure is just smoking hot! She wastes no time and begins to eat in an incredibly sexy manner! I have never in my life been turned on watching anyone eat food LOL But the way she was shoving those burritos two at a time down her throat was surprisingly erotic! As she pounds both food and drink down Mr Cheeks wastes no opportunity and eats her asshole while she eats her meal. She admits her ass has grown a lot due to the quarantine, because all she does is sit at home and eat and shit! hehe And its pretty evident its nearly doubled in size. There is one scene where she is just pulling it open so wide and it looked so good that I just wished I could have been there myself to get a sniff and a taste of it! After he worships her asshole and she sucks his fat cock a bit, she finishes her meal and invites him into the bathroom where she pushes out a load directly into his mouth and feeds him. He eats the entire load as if it were nothing more then taco meat for him! LOL I gotta give it to him he’s an OG for that LMAO. He then washes it down with her warm yellow lemonade then indulges in one last push from Kylie where she delivers another meal for him to devour which sends him into a powerful orgasm, where he sprays his shot all over her face and body! I must say I have missed watching these movies…and when I got this one I was extremely happy! This one was very unique indeed and I truly loved it! Again the food thing…a huge hit for me and I am sure you will enjoy it thoroughly as well! 🙂

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