Natasha (Mouth Shitting)


Natasha (Mouth Shitting)


*Video Contains Music (This is an early video before I got into my scathunter stride)

So this is my neighbor, she is a hot little petite blonde with a perky bubble butt. She shits in my mouth and you will love this video of her mouth shitting. Her face is incredibly beautiful and her asshole tastes amazing! So how do you get your hot neighbor to shit in your mouth? You ask! She said no for months.

Then finally about a month ago she told me she really wanted to try this and asked if I still wanted to! Of course I do! So she told me she actually had to go right now If I could hurry over it could be mine! I wasted no time. I got there into her room and she pushed a fat log into my mouth and immediately I began to devour it. This video actually shows me chewing it, enjoying it, and swallowing it. Its a great mouth shitting video. I think I ate just about her entire load. And then watch me cum super hard as I swallow another mouthful and wipe it on my dick for the climax.Mouth Shitting

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