Thanksgiving Big Booty Feast (Pocahotass Eats)


Thanksgiving Big Booty Feast (Pocahotass Eats)


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First of all I would like to wish you all a very special Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoy your holiday today with family and friends! Second I wanted to thank all of you who took the time out and reached out regarding the site and Mr Cheeks as well. Everything is fine although he did have some personal matters to attend however all is well and of course this awesome and very unique project will continue! (Those were his exact words!) So now back to business! This video stars the extremely sexy and very beautiful Raquel, who is back and getting dirtier then ever! I was totally shocked to see that she actually did this. I have seen some of her other videos and she is definitely one of my absolute all time favorites! So to see her actually craving and wanting to do this was very hot. So needless to say if you saw the photos or video preview you have a pretty good idea of what happens in this movie. It starts out with Raquel voicing her inner most thoughts and preparing mentally to eat her own scat. She had finished Thanksgiving Dinner with her family and had eaten a lot earlier in the day. She had a large full load she was holding onto and was excited to experiment with. So She invites Mr Cheeks over who takes the reigns and enjoys her big round ass and sex body. The two of them have some  great chemistry together which always helps to make things extra special 😉 When she pushed her poop out into his mouth she was not hesitant at all. She eagerly pushed herself and mouth onto his mouth which was full of her scat. They shared a very dirty kiss which I found to be super steamy, I actually was very turned on by this movie. He continuously fed her and stuffed her mouth full, while rubbing and smothering her perky tits with scat. He also popped some into her mouth and commanded her to swallow! And she actually did! Wow she is so brave, and I applaud that girl LOL! She then takes her toy and proceeds to orgasm covered in her own shit with a wad of scat in her mouth! It finishes up with Mr Cheeks sucking her shit covered titties and then squirting a huge load of cum all over her wide ass.

Runtime 21m

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