The Alchemist (Turning Shit Into Lube)


The Alchemist (Turning Shit Into Lube)


There is nothing I appreciate more then a fat, thick, solid turd. Seeing her asshole stretch to give birth to it, and feeling your lips stretch around it as its pushed into your mouth, is worth a million bucks. Nothing is better then fresh female poop. This one tasted so damn good and I really hated to waste some of it and use it as lube but it was so hot in my mouth and I just knew it would feel incredible if I ate half and used the rest as lube to stroke my cock with. I was not wrong. It really is amazing how good the mouth is in turning shit into a powerful lubricant, that not only feels incredible, but smells the same. And as you stroke your cock with it you just know it just came out of a super hot girl! What more can you ask for?! It was a great experience. I timed swallowing and finishing the other half of the load perfectly when I came…as her shit slid down my throat my dick began to jump and squirt cum all over her leftover scat lube on the shower floor…It was an insanely intense orgasm that just did not want to end. As I sit here now the shit burps are literally making my dick hard again…FUCK! Enjoy this flick my fetish friends! Cheers

I want to eat a girls poop

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