Turd Nerds (Valentina & Raquel)


Turd Nerds (Valentina & Raquel)



Hello and welcome back! Thank you all for being patient, I know I have been inundated with emails about when the next movie is coming out hehe! This movie features both Raquel and Valentina getting down and dirty and showing off naughty sides! Valentina nailed this movie, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorites! She is totally just plain nasty lol The way she was chewing up each bite of scat and grounding it deep into her teeth was just kind of a turn on for me. She was definitely really embracing the scat action, including a nice swallow as well, which again, was kind of hot to me! Mr Cheeks was not in this movie however, but he was definitely heard, carrying out commands and making sure the girls were at there nastiest! There was plenty of scat action in this film which started at about the 4 minute mark and literally lasted the rest of the movie which is over 18 minutes long! The two of them shared one of Raquel’s fat turds that she pushed into Valentina’s mouth. Valentina also tried to feed Raquel directly but could only squeeze out a few small nuggets into Raquel’s mouth. She was still able to suck and lick on her open puffy shitty rose bud though and chew up a few small pieces. All of the action came from Raquel’s turd though which they eagerly shared and chewed up and swapped together until there was nothing left of it! The movie finished up with Raquel spewing a mixture of spit and frothy foam almost a puke like substance mixed with scat into Valentina’s mouth as she laid on her back and used the vibrator. By the time she was cumming I was extremely aroused, I slipped my fingers down into my panties and they were soaked. At this point I had to reach into my drawer grab my vibrator and rewind the movie hehe! I also have a confession, I have watched the Girls Only Scat Party video probably 20 times in the last month or so lol I have been extremely curious lately! Also it looks like restrictions are lifting and we may be getting back to normal here soon so there is a very good chance you guys actually see me soon! Enjoy!

Runtime 18m41s

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