Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret


Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret


Greetings! Mr Cheeks is back at it again, bringing you the very best of big butts and pretty faces, shaking up the scat world! hehe Meet Victoria an absolutely gorgeous 24 year old girl, with an amazing body and juicy big bubble butt! She also has a dirty little secret 😉 She looks absolutely smoking HOT in this movie and I was extremely turned on by her! She is 5’2 and weighs 128 pounds and has a very exotic look. Let me start off by saying as much as I love the lesbian scat films he produces, I love love love these one on one films as well! The element of eroticism and scat passion burned the entire time…there was non stop action in this movie! It was there. From her vomiting profusely on his cock over and over again, to her getting a mouthful of her own shit for the first time ever! The chemistry they had together was wonderful and really left me hot and horny wishing it was me in her place…I love the way he commands these women and has his way with them ughhhh hehe. Fireworks! So the movie starts with an emphasis on her big round butt getting ate and tongued out! She farts a few times in his mouth as well before giving him some really sloppy top. And by sloppy I do mean SLOPPY! She was puking like a hose all over his dick and I have no idea how these girls do this and continue to suck dick while vomiting! lol Kudos to them. One peculiar thing I noticed in the movie was Mr Cheeks almost frozen it appeared as she shits in his mouth…I asked him why if maybe it tasted bad etc…and he told me that it was bc he swallowed to much to fast and he was trying not to gag or throw up LOL I thought that was kind of funny! The one part of this movie that I absolutely fell in love with was when he spits the scat into her mouth and they kiss! SOOooooo hot!!! She handled it extremely well considering it was her first time ever tasting shit! But it wouldn’t be the scat that makes her puke it would be him spitting shitty saliva into her mouth that makes her vomit everywhere! This girl is just a little too good, and I have a strong feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her! Or at least I hope to see her in some girl on girl action soon! But for sure this is a must see performance by Victoria!!!
Runtime 15m40s

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