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Health Benifits Of Eating Poop

The Health Benefits Of Eating Poop And Consuming Feces

The Health Benefits Of Eating Poop And Consuming Feces I Want To Eat Poop Am I Going Crazy? Wait what?! You eat poop?! You have a serious mental problem!!! You need to see a doctor and a psychiatrist!!! These are likely the responses of our fellow man regarding our strange attraction to the unnatural. However I would like to start by pointing out the fact poop itself has many life saving qualities used medically today in order to treat even emergency life threatening situations, such as a Fecal Microbiota Transplant. The human body is an organism essentially and poop is a biproduct of the organism itself. I’ve read of certain cases where a person may be driven to eat poop unwillingly knowing why, however the body itself may drive a person to such acts in order to fix either an underlying or unkown problem or perhaps a chronic illness that you may actually be struggling with and be aware of. The body may even register some sort of sexual satisfaction or gratification from it in order to ensure you actually do it to reap the benefits the body is after… The universe is a strange place and life is no different. Just as reproduction carries a reward of the orgasm in order to ensure we as a species continue to multiply…so the body and mind sometimes will override an unnatural stimulation in order to ensure a person ultimately is introduced to what he/she needs and in this case that thing could be poop. But why poop? It doesn’t make any sense? A lot of things to us in our first world vanities make little sense, however the earth is intelligent and it communicates with us through different conduits and channels. Poop actually contains millions and billions of bacteria’s and live cultures…although it is 70%-75% water, it also is filled with both living and dead organisms and bacteria’s. It also is loaded with cells and mucus. In certain cases a person may actually need a particular bacteria or culture in there own body or higher levels thereof of a particular bacterial healing agent, in order to fend off a potential or actual threat. So never feel ashamed of the desire or the act because at the end of the day it’s just poop, and the actual reason your attracted to it may never be fully understood or known. But you may very well be aiding the body in accomplishing an impossible feat of restoration and recovery. Just remember also No one is “normal” and the universe indeed is no exception! Just think about this for a moment and then tell me how normal this sounds…we are all currently on a giant spinning ball of dirt which is rotating around a giant flaming ball of fire…how does that sound to you? Strange?! Reality is like a computer program simulation, which is constantly being edited and hacked at the quantum level by humans, through thoughts, feelings and actions…this is a two way street as well whereas the earth itself and the body are in communication conspiring together to bring out your best possible outcome in life. In conclusion I would say to always listen to your body and also adhere to certain urges and cravings in moderation. You never know what your body may be actually trying to communicate to you through strange and foreign ideas and hard to accept stigmas related to socially embarrassing acts. So enjoy and eat scat in moderation …you May never know the actual health benefits eating scat provided you with, Cheers! Mr Cheeks @scathunter.com Check out this Scat Eating Classic below Click the link! Meals On Heels

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My First Scat Experience (Eating Shit Out Of My Girlfriends Asshole)

My First Scat Experience (Eating Shit Out Of My Girlfriends Asshole) So this story depicts my first experience ever with scat. I had always ate my girls ass and loved the taste of it and the naughty nature of the deed as well. Anyway I was getting intimate with my girlfriend at the time…she was hot as fuck with a tiny waste a huge bulging ass with big butt cheeks. Anyway to make the story short I had her bent over my bed and I was eating her asshole from the back…it tasted amazing…however this time I noticed it tasted a little better then normal and a bit tangy…I quickly discovered as I continued to tongue her asshole deeply that my girlfriend needed to take a shit. I kept her eating her asshole and she kept moaning louder and louder as i plunged my tongue deeper and deeper until I actually could feel her shit against my tongue! I didn’t know what was going on and why I was enjoying this so much and not grossed out!!! I continued to tongue her fat booty and relish in the deeper and stronger taste I was receiving then normal. She was very much into what was happening and I’m pretty sure she knew her asshole was full and that my tongue was literally licking her big log while it was inside of her asshole…she was moaning uncontrollably and her pussy was literally dripping wet…as I continued licking her asshole I found myself actually sucking her butthole…harder and harder almost as if I was trying to coax something out of her…as I continued my sucking campaign something came over me and I whispered to her these words “push baby”. Without saying a word she reached back with two hands and pulled open her beautiful curvy ass cheeks and began pushing on my tongue…I moaned. She moaned. We both knew what was happening it was fucking amazing. Fireworks were literally going off. She continued pushing and I sucking…when suddenly I felt this enormous turd push between my lips and into my mouth!!! It slid in effortlessly and my cock was throbbing and I was actually near an orgasm…I thought it would smell bad and be awful but it wasn’t it was absolutely amazing!!! As she continued pushing I saw that she was rubbing her clit, moaning and had her tongue literally hanging out of her mouth…My mouth filled with her warm hot shit log until there was no room left and it broke in half and fell on the floor. The other half was still in my mouth so I immediately bit down on it and got the full taste experience and a rush of new flavor overtook my palate and the excitement was so incredibly overwhelming that I actually began cumming without my hand even touching my dick! What was happening!!! I’ve never came before from sheer excitement…I grabbed my dick quickly and began stroking as I orgasmed probably the hardest I ever have and completely and utterly covered her big ass in hot cum. As the orgasm ended I pondered what had I just done and why lol. I immediately began spitting the shit out and ran for the bathroom to brush my teeth. My girlfriend gagged from the smell and said omg what the fuck just happened. We both looked at each other with a wild look in our eyes and a crooked smirk knowing we had just opened Pandora’s box…for me this would become an obsession and an all consuming lifestyle. I was destined to do this over and over again with as many hot girl with big asses as possible. I am Scathunter. If you would like to see a similar experience actually happen live on film please click the link and check out “Vanessa” (Scat Dreams Are Made Of These) She did not think she had to go and had already told me it was not going to happen…However, to both of our great surprises she began going while I was eating her asshole out…It was incredibly hot and exciting! Vanessa (Scat Dreams Are Made Of These) Vanessa (Scat Dreams Are Made Of These)

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