Alexis Andrews

Big Booty PAWG star Alexis Andrews will STILL be shooting a 4th movie for! Stay tuned this movie is still taking place and will be released sometime in mid to late October!!!!

For all those who participated in the original crowd fund you will STILL be getting the video when it is released! There probably will be a release of another feature before this film is released in October as well. But for all of you who have been waiting very patiently, we just wanted to let you know we appreciate your patience, and you will be thankful you waited! Alexis never lets us down and she is sure to deliver once again a masterpiece of epic scat proportions! Shes one of the best big booty stars to ever cross over to the brown side and shoot a film like this! Make sure you all show her some love too and give her a follow and if you can subscribe to her only fans as well, do so! As for myself thank you all for your many well wishes and patience, but I am ok and back at it. I had a bit of personal misfortune, (Ill spare you all the details) however I am not one to quit so easily or stay down. Mr Cheeks is bout that raw taboo action and the show will certainly indefinitely continue! I understand a lot of you lashing out at me and the biz etc, I totally get it. But just know what happened was totally out of my control. Bbbbbbut I am back now picking up the pieces and just try to understand how truly difficult it is to persevere in this niche, and remember every movie is still a fucking miracle! My pledge is to continue producing epic scat content for the ages, and with your help it will certainly be accomplished. CHEEERS



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  1. Awesome man thanks for your efforts can’t fucking wait

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