The Alexis Show (50″ Inches Of Monster Ass)


The Alexis Show (50″ Inches Of Monster Ass)


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Hey guys I would like to introduce you to Evelyn! She will be helping me do customer service and support as well as help me with writing reviews for each movie from here on out!!! This will really allow me to focus more on creating amazing content moving forward…So without further ado, please welcome her and please be respectful, it is still a shared duty 🙂

Hi There! I am super excited to be a part of this production team and thanks in advance for welcoming me so warmly. Just to give you some quick background I am not into the fetish per say, and I am very very new to this type of porn but excited to be a part of it! My name is Evelyn, I am 22 years old and working on my degree 🙂 If you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to contact me at

So I watched this movie literally on my laptop while I was eating popcorn haha. My first take of this movie was WOW and WHOA. I will be honest I have never seen a full movie like this and I was totally in shock! Haha Now don’t get me wrong I knew exactly what this was and what I was getting myself into when I agreed to take this position on. Nevertheless it was wild to see first hand. So the movie starts out with Mr Cheeks preying on a young woman with a huge booty in what appears to be a bar or club of some sort. (And I must admit hehe she has the biggest butt on a woman I think I have ever seen! ) He is overly aggressive and she feels uncomfortable so she decides to leave. But Mr Cheeks will not give up that easily! He follows her down the hall and pressures her into letting him see her butt. As she tries to enter her hotel room to get away from him, he forcefully grabs her from behind and busts her “monster ass” out of her jeans by ripping them wide open! He then shoves his face into her huge butt cheeks and starts eating her ass in the middle of the hotel hallway, right out in the open. She seems to change her tune at this point and appears to be enjoying her ass being tongued out. She asks for him to stop simply because she feels the need to take a poop, but yet this prospect further excites Mr Cheeks even more! He forces her back into her hotel room and onto all fours where he begins to eat her ass wildly! At this point Alexis seems to be getting quite horny and wants to suck his cock and almost begs to lick his balls. The scene escalates and starts getting hot when she mentions she has to pee. That’s when she begins peeing standing up with her urine leaking all over the place uncontrollably, some down her leg, some into his mouth. She then begins to “clap” and “twerk” her massive white butt cheeks as her pants are soaking wet with her own pee. I loved watching her big booty shake with his head trapped between her cheeks! This girl is a pro haha So I will not delay what comes shortly thereafter. He spends some time eating her ass from behind as she hangs it off of the edge of the bed for him to access more easily. By him eating her ass again while she still has to use the bathroom, the stimulation causes her to actually begin going! I was told that this was not planned, and that a stool is normally used with a towel to prevent any kind of a mess. But in this movie she ends up going, right then and there off the bed. This is where I was kind of in shock haha! She reaches back and pulls open her own butt cheeks and begins to fill his mouth with a HUGE amount of poop. It just kept on coming! There was plenty enough for him to wipe it and smear it all over her big butt! It ended up all over his mask his shirt and even the hotel bed and blankets! As he took what he could into his mouth and devoured it, Alexis bravely began sucking his nipples with her own poop just inches away from her face. He then proceeded to lick the remaining shit off her giant butt cheeks and ejaculate all over her shit smeared asshole. It was all so fluid and happened so smoothly, that I had to rewind it all back and watch it again out of curiosity and intrigue.  I would recommend this movie to any big butt lover out there because it is one thing this movie does NOT lack. Huge butt cheeks 🙂


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