Scathunter Featured On NoJumper Podcast With Adam22 And Violet Myers

Title: Adam22 Welcomes Adult Star Violet Myers on No Jumper Podcast


In the ever-evolving landscape of podcasts and online content creation, Adam Grandmaison, widely known as Adam22, has consistently made a name for himself through his popular No Jumper podcast. While the podcast is renowned for its interviews with prominent figures in the hip-hop and entertainment industries, it has also ventured into conversations with individuals from various walks of life. A recent and notable guest on the No Jumper podcast was none other than the talented and multifaceted adult star, Violet Myers. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the intriguing episode where Adam22 welcomed Violet Myers to the No Jumper podcast.

Adam22: The Host with a Unique Approach:

Before delving into the details of Violet Myers’ appearance on the No Jumper podcast, it’s essential to recognize Adam22’s unique approach to hosting. As the founder of the popular BMX website The Come Up and owner of the OnSomeShit store, Adam22 brought a fresh perspective to the podcasting world. His knowledge of the hip-hop and streetwear scenes, along with his candid interview style, attracted a dedicated fan base and a broad range of guests.

Violet Myers: A Rising Star in the Adult Industry:

Violet Myers is an adult entertainer who has been steadily rising in popularity within the adult film industry. With her distinctive appearance, captivating performances, and engaging presence on social media, she has garnered a considerable following. Her appearance on the No Jumper podcast provided an opportunity for fans and curious listeners to learn more about her journey and experiences in the adult industry.

Key Highlights from the No Jumper Podcast Episode:

  1. Insights into the Adult Industry:

During the podcast episode, Adam22 and Violet Myers delved into the world of adult entertainment. They discussed the challenges and misconceptions surrounding the industry, shedding light on the realities of working in this field. Violet shared her perspective on the importance of consent, boundaries, and her passion for her work.

  1. Balancing Personal and Professional Life:

Violet Myers also opened up about the challenges of balancing her personal life with her career in the adult industry. She discussed how she navigates relationships, maintains her mental health, and deals with public perception. Her candid and honest approach to these topics offered listeners a more profound understanding of the complexities involved.

  1. Building a Brand and Community:

One of the remarkable aspects of Violet Myers’ journey is her ability to build a brand and connect with her audience through various online platforms. She shared her experiences in creating content, interacting with fans, and the importance of authenticity in the digital age.


The No Jumper podcast has a history of providing a platform for candid and enlightening conversations with a wide range of guests, and Violet Myers’ appearance was no exception. Her episode with Adam22 allowed listeners to gain a deeper insight into the adult industry, her personal experiences, and the challenges she faces as an adult entertainer. It also showcased Adam22’s ability to engage with diverse guests and explore topics beyond the mainstream, making the No Jumper podcast a noteworthy platform for discussions that extend beyond the norm.

Scathunter Featured On NoJumper Podcast With Adam22 And Violet Myers

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