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How to find girls into scat.

step one. Join telegram for tips on how to find scat girls. https://www.vice.com/da/article/dp4bnv/how-to-get-a-girl-to-shit-on-your-chest Scathunter Premium Telegram GroupScathunter Premium Telegram Group (Monthly Membership) This is the only way to see new Scathunter content and movies beside our crowd fund!!! Join today for instant access to movies, new content, behind the scenes, never before seen footage, and tips on how and where to find scat girls!!! <a class="ec_ejc_thkbx" style="display: inline-bloc… Shop now How to tell husband I’m into scat? Anonymous I’ve been with him for two years and a few months into our relationship I found that I have a scat/fart fetish. I am afraid to tell him about it. He loves me for me, that is obvious, but what if telling him this changes that? Once he asked if he could pee in me when we have sex somedat and I said yes (I was into watersports that time, but he didn’t know thar either). Watersports actually led up to me finding I enjoy panty pooping, watching people shit, fartinf, etc. One time in mid-sex he said “I wouldn’t even care if you farted right now” and that made me cum hard. I’ve told him after that a few times that I wouldn’t mind if he farted during sex. He said jokingly “I think you want me to!”. I came out to him liking when he farts and finding it hot and he said “as long as you don’t want to put your face down there!”…ugh. How do I tell him? I don’t expect him to ever act out these fantasies (except maybe the farting during sex) but I’ve always wanted to try it. I don’t want to scare him. Please advice would help!! Updates: +1 y Oh, I AM 18, please ignore the fact it says “under 18”. I think I fucked up the birthday cuz I just made this account and don’t know how to fix it. 1  5 Most Helpful Guys Anonymous+1 yAs someone in a very similar predicament I know how you feel. I recently discovered I have a fetish for waterspots/scat and I have absolutely no idea how or if to tell my girlfriend. I tried to see if I could test her here and there to see if she was into it as well but I think unless you’ve been horny or high enough to experience the fetish yourself you are naturally repulsed by it. At least your man is into the farting side of it. That at least gives you a little hope that he MIGHT be accepting of it. I can see how you are reserved about it considering the comment he made about thinking you’re weird if you wanted to be right there waiting at his asshole for it. But there might be hope… A couple of questions tho:1) is he significantly older than you? If so that’s a positive because A) he’s going to feel very lucky dating a young girl like you. B) Older guys are more sexually adventurous as we tend to have a bit more sexual experience & as a result more open minded to people’s various kinks & questions about sexuality… because we ALL face them at some point. We ALL push hidden taboos at some point whether that’s as plain as sex before marriage or having a guy squat on your face and violate you. 2) how much power would you say you have in the relationship? I. E. is this guy very lucky to be with you? Could he easily get a girl just as cool, interesting & good looking as you? or is that unlikely?3) are there other things causing tension in the relationship? or is everything else in the relationship very good?I know those questions sound very prejudiced and misogynistic but every relationship tends to have a dominate partner & a submissive partner. If you are someone he would really hesitate breaking up with because he’ll most likely never find someone as good as you again then you could probably tell him & he might feel awkward & weird at first but once he sees how turned on you get and how you love him so much that you would allow him to violate you like that… I think he’ll come around. BUT if you are on the weaker side of the relationship & you’re the one that is lucky to have him then the tables are kinda turned in the opposite direction. For my situation I feel that I am the more powerful partner in the relationship & there is a SLIGHT chance she would accept my fetishes, I feel that due to other factors that are stressing the relationship I think this would instead be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  What Is a Scat Fetish? Inside the Sex Lives of People Turned on by Poop. “There’s something quite freeing about being able to do this with a partner. It’s a way of letting go of shame.”BY ABBY MOSSPUBLISHED: JUL 12, 2022SAVE ARTICLE VADIMGUZHVA THE WORLD of kink stretches pretty much as far as the human imagination. There’s a phrase if you can think it, you can kink it, and shows like Netflix’s Bonding (penguin role play, anyone?) have definitely shown us that this is true. But there’s one kink that’s considered taboo even to some of the freakiest kinksters: Scat, or coprophilia, is a fetish for poop. “Scat” is short for “scatology,” an archaic medical termfor anything poop-related, which takes its origins from the Greek word “skat,” which means dung. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below https://e053a8f8cb54fc6fb1e5351efc990b56.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.html Poop is usually one thing people try to keep as far away from their sex lives as possible, whether that means douching before anal sex, or just being a shy pooper in a new partner’s apartment. But there are plenty of people who view this kink as the ultimate thrill. Scat fetishists enjoy bringing poop into sexual play in a variety of possible ways, such as watching someone take a dump and touching, spreading, or even consuming poop. [Note: Touching and consuming poop can lead to a number of dangerous health consequences. Men’s Healthdoes not endorse any of the behaviors described in this article.] “This kink is almost as extreme as it gets,” says Gigi Engle, certified sex educator for 3Fun and author of All the F*cking Mistakes. “Even in the kink community, an already marginalized community in itself, people who are into this are marginalized further. Even […]

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