Mouth Stretcher!!! Mouth Stretcher!!!


Mouth Stretcher!!! Mouth Stretcher!!!


Unfortunately for us all Jennifer is moving…However I still plan to see her hopefully again and hopefully have the privilege to eat her shit and swallow her load one more time. If this was the last time it was certainly one to remember! As she pushed out her load It totally forced my mouth open wide…and I involuntarily started saying mouth stretcher omg mouth stretcher as it filled my mouth!!! And boy was it a big delicious log! I literally chewed it all up and swallowed just about all of it minus a small amount and some shit juice to use to jerk my dick with while I swallowed the rest. This was some of the best tasting scat I have ever had! My taste buds were tingling as I chewed it thoroughly and sucked every bit of taste I possible could out of it. I have had many different types of scat and tasted many different loads but this one was one to write home about! My preference is a big solid mouth stretcher and I will take them any day over any other kind of scat. But in the shit game you just never know what your gonna get so you take it however you can get it!!! Shit beggars, can’t be shit type, choosers! We all know what we go through to get it but fuck when we get it our way, there ain’t nothing like it! Cheers!

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